Use Clipper to Supercharge Android's Clipboard

The clipboard is such a simple but essential tool everywhere from high-end desktops to low-end smartphones, but you don’t necessarily have to settle for the limited functionality that comes your device. Clipper is a useful third-party utility that adds some clever extra features to phones and tablets running Android. »8/24/15 9:46am8/24/15 9:46am


Clipper for iOS: Splice Together Mini-Movies in a Matter of Seconds

One of the great things about Vine and now Instagram, too, is the ability to stop filming and pick up right where you left off. It has the effect of producing more dynamic, interesting clips than you would otherwise. But that's the problem—your're stuck to clips. With Clipper, though, you can get that very same… »7/15/13 6:00pm7/15/13 6:00pm

Gizmodo How To: Recreate Britney's Head-Shaving Weekend Meltdown

Click to viewIn case you missed the tabloids this weekend, Britney Spear committed the most pathetic of self mutilation acts, the spontaneous, emotionally-driven head shaving, quickly followed up with a bit of tattoo parlor action. Here's the right combination of gadgetry so you can meltdown just like America's… »2/19/07 3:04pm2/19/07 3:04pm