Beta Enhancements, Like Your TV Shacked Up with Hulu

Sling Media (makers of those nifty Sling boxes) has just notified their beta community that new and improved services are soon to go live for testing. The first major feature is web-based content viewing for subscribers, eliminating the need for separate players. The second major feature, teased way back in … » 10/03/08 11:15am 10/03/08 11:15am

NHL Teams Up With Sling for Clippy Action

Unlike those Luddite crybabies over at the MLB, the NHL is embracing technology and partnering up with Sling. And they're giving it the go-ahead for NHL content to be used with Sling's upcoming Clip+Sling service. » 6/06/07 5:50pm 6/06/07 5:50pm

Sling Introduces Clip Sharing Technology with Clip+Sling

Now all of you Slingers can be just like the Tivo'ing YouTubers that you are so jealous of. Sling Media has introduced Clip+Sling. It is a simple application that that allows Slingbox users to share short segments of television. Clip+Sling is a simple process used via the SlingPlayer software. You can even share clips… » 1/09/07 8:57pm 1/09/07 8:57pm