Apple's Swiped Swiss Clock Design Cost $21 Million

Not long after the launch of iOS 6, it came to the Internet's attention that Apple's clock design was rather familiar. In fact, it had been lifted straight from the Swiss National Railway. Apple agreed to pay up, but it wasn't clear how much at the time. Now we know it was $21 million. » 11/11/12 11:00am 11/11/12 11:00am

Apple's Going to Pay Up for the iOS 6 Clock Design It Stole

Apple shamlessly swiped the design of iOS 6's iPad clock from the Swiss National Railway, and a couple of weeks ago, it was called out. Now that its copycatism has been exposed, Apple has agreed to licensing terms. » 10/12/12 9:44am 10/12/12 9:44am

Apple Totally Stole the Design of the iOS 6 iPad Clock

Thanks to iOS 6, the iPad finally has a clock application. Too bad Apple apparently stole the design from the iconic station clock of the Swiss Federal Railway. By "apparently" we mean completely and without remorse—like a bunch of highway bandits. Look at the two side-by-side above. What a shameless rip off. » 9/20/12 2:29pm 9/20/12 2:29pm

Evangelion iPhone Clock App Is Neat if You Like Evangelion

The Evangelion Clock App hit the App Store today, and it's a pretty damn good clock app (as far as clock apps go) if you've ever seen Evangelion before. » 2/24/09 6:20pm 2/24/09 6:20pm

Review: LCD Clock iPhone App Proves to Be Wimpy

When I discovered the LCD Clock iPhone app, I was thrilled because I have trouble getting to work on time every morning. For a $1, it wasn't the clock I needed in my life. » 2/13/09 12:30am 2/13/09 12:30am