Sony's (Yes, Sony's) ICF-CD3i the Neatest Looking iPhone Clock/Radio Dock Yet

Sony Insider has uncovered Sony's newest Dream Machine, the ICF-CD3iP, the most attractive iPhone/iPod Clock/Radio Dock I've seen yet. No telling what it sounds like, but for the $100 or so it will cost when it eventually surfaces, I'm guessing it would be somewhere between "tinny but decent" and "hey, that's not so… »9/10/08 9:30pm9/10/08 9:30pm

XtremeMac Luna Clock Radio: Packed with Customizable Features

The XtremeMac Luna clock radio lets you plug in your iPod via its dock connector, and then gradually fades down its music or your favorite radio station as you drift off to sleep, fading back up the next morning to wake you up. We're liking its ergonomic multifunction knobs that are easy to control in the dark,… »11/24/06 8:23am11/24/06 8:23am