Bedroom Experimentation: Four Devices Exciting Enough to Put You to…

Okay, you caught us. We've been sleeping on the job, but only because we want to help you, dear reader, to get a better night's sleep and ease out of bed the next day, no worse for the wear. Come along with us into the world of sleep-enhancing and wakeup gadgets, where there are snake-oil salesmen trying to sell you a… » 11/21/07 12:00pm 11/21/07 12:00pm

iLive ICR6806DT: Bedside Boom Box, iPod-Ready

iLive is making some appealing boomboxes these days, and they're cheap, too. The company adds to that portfolio with this iLive ICR6806DT clock radio/iPod dock, a $100 bedside boom box with AM/FM radio along with all the usual clock radio features as well as a remote control. Available in your choice of black or… » 8/31/06 11:25am 8/31/06 11:25am