These Incredible Clocks Were Built By a Single Designer Over 35 Years

In the 1980s, as giant technology companies competed to create electronics that arrived in the most compact, grey boxes possible, a young designer named Daniel Weil was doing the exact opposite: Eviscerating the electronic guts of gadgets, from radios to clocks, exposing them to the consumer the most elegant way… » 7/29/14 12:50pm 7/29/14 12:50pm

The Hours Gracefully (and Vaguely) Tick By On This Ballet Clock

If your average work day feels like an un-choreographed dance of chaos, perhaps this graceful wall clock will bring some peace of mind while you wait for five o'clock to roll around. The Dancing Wall Clock's hands have been replaced with segments of a ballerina, resulting in an endless series of poses and pirouettes… » 7/18/14 7:20pm 7/18/14 7:20pm

An Evil Alarm Clock That Only Uses the World's Most Annoying Sounds

When you're staring down a day filled with work meetings and deadlines, there's usually not much motivation to roll out of bed in the morning. So by blasting you with terrible sounds like drumsets and fog horns, this G-Buzz alarm clock uses negative reinforcement to make heading to work seem like the lesser of two… » 7/11/14 8:49am 7/11/14 8:49am

Watch Time Evaporate With a Clock That Paints the Hours In Water

It's probably related to our limited existence on this planet, but mankind has an unmistakable obsession with time. How else would you explain all the energy we put into building countless clocks designed to tick away the seconds, from a simple Timex watch, to this wonderful WaterColorBot that paints every passing… » 5/22/14 1:40pm 5/22/14 1:40pm

Is a Clock With the Hours Stacked Vertically Really Easier to Read?

Those of us raised with the English language were taught to read sentences in a straight line. But then when it came time to decipher clocks, we were expected to suddenly be able to read in a circle. It's no wonder we've all switched to digital displays, and why designers Boaz Cohen and Sayaka Yamamoto were inspired… » 5/19/14 2:00pm 5/19/14 2:00pm

A Gorgeous Wooden Kitchen Scale That Masquerades as a Cutting Board

Successful baking requires strict adherence to a recipe and precise measurements, which is made easier with a scale at your disposal. But if the last thing you want is another ugly appliance cluttering up your kitchen counters, feast your eyes on the lovely GKILO scale (pronounced kilo) which when not in use looks… » 4/28/14 12:00am 4/28/14 12:00am

Skip the Nail Holes In Your Wall With This Sticker Clock

Not keen on the idea of creating a nail hole in your drywall just so you can hang a wall clock? Designer Jamie Wolfund's found a better way—kind of—as long as you don't mind repainting when it's time to take it down. Instead of nails or screws, the Sticker Clock uses two nine-inch pieces of adhesive vinyl tape to hold… » 4/09/14 5:20pm 4/09/14 5:20pm

A Projection Clock That Automatically Adjusts To a Room's Lighting

By now most of us probably solely rely on our smartphones to wake us in the morning, but with their screens off it's not easy to quickly glance at the time in the middle of the night. So keeping an alarm clock on your bedside table isn't a completely antiquated idea, particularly if it's able to project the time onto… » 2/27/14 5:00pm 2/27/14 5:00pm

This Perpetual Plotter Clock Is More Relaxing Than a Zen Garden

There's a certain charm to old-school analog clocks, unless you're part of the generation that never learned how to properly decipher a bunch of numbers laid out in a circle. So Thingiverse user 'joo' has created a happy medium for those more comfortable with a digital clock, but like seeing a bunch of moving parts,… » 2/17/14 5:40pm 2/17/14 5:40pm

Punctuality Isn't a Priority With This Hazy, Hard-To-Read Clock

Tired of your boss busting your chops for getting back a few minutes late from lunch? Just hang this Hazy wall clock in your office and let it serve as the perfect alibi. Is it eight after one, ten after one, twelve after one? It's impossible to say, because designer Ivan Kasner has given the Hazy clock an opaque face… » 1/14/14 5:00pm 1/14/14 5:00pm

How Many Clocks Did You Change Yourself For Daylight Savings?

I did the thing this morning. I woke up, looked at the clock, saw that it was time to get up, jumped out of bed even though the alarm on my phone hadn't gone off yet, started turning lights on, remembered daylight savings, checked the time on my phone, went back to sleep for an hour. Actually it was kind of nice. » 11/03/13 2:00pm 11/03/13 2:00pm

An Audi Masterpiece That Belongs On Your Mantle, Not Your Driveway

Taking inspiration from Porsche's decision to break out into designing everything from sleds to cellphones, Audi's decided that it now wants to apply its design chops to beautiful objects without four wheels. And the car maker's first creation is a stunning see-through table clock that leaves its complex engine… » 9/23/13 11:20am 9/23/13 11:20am