Clear Your Drains With Flexisnake

Not quite a replacement for a plumber, this Velcro Snake allows you to fish out smaller hair clogs from sink drains all on your own. You still have to call the pros when little Susan's shoved her hamster down the drain, but for smaller clogs, the Flexisnake should do fine. » 12/27/06 3:35pm 12/27/06 3:35pm

KleerDrain KD100 CO2-Powered Clog Buster

While this model looks as cool as all get out, I had a horrible time trying to figure out the KleerDrain website. This video, which I couldn't find on the site, shows the latest KleerDrain product— the KD100— pounding a simulated nut log into submission by sending a huge burst of gas through the pipes. » 2/15/06 9:26am 2/15/06 9:26am