Circuit City Closing 155 Midwest Stores Tomorrow, Source Confirms

We have got confirmation from a reliable source: Circuit City is closing 155 stores tomorrow » 11/03/08 1:26am 11/03/08 1:26am: "They are going to be midwest ones, which are underperforming right now. Liquidators will be taking control of these stores this Monday." He got more juicy details and his opinion on the possibility of Circuit City going…

Yahoo! Music Store Will Compensate Customers For DRM-ed Music

Yes, Yahoo! Music Store's shutting down their DRM servers, but Big Purple's said that it'll definitely still be taking care of its customers. According to a Yahoo spokesperson, anyone who bought DRM music from the store "will be compensated for whatever they paid." No word on timetables or what form the compensation… » 7/26/08 6:30pm 7/26/08 6:30pm

Helio Stores And Kiosks Closing Soon, Company In Trouble?

A tipster told us that the talks between Virgin Mobile and SK Telecom/Helio are going nowhere, with Virgin backing out unless there's some sort of bankruptcy declaration or huge liquidation. Our tipster says that Helio's corporate stores and kiosks will be closing very soon, which is backed up by similar info from … » 6/20/08 12:59pm 6/20/08 12:59pm

PC Club and Club IT Closed, Laying Off All Employees

Reader dudersnoopz tipped us off to PC Club and its subsidiary Club IT both closing down yesterday, laying off all its employees and declaring bankruptcy. Because PC Club is pretty much a regional store (we have one or two fond memories of picking up parts there in the '90s), it's unlikely that they'll get another… » 5/14/08 7:00pm 5/14/08 7:00pm