Cord-o-Clip: The Clothesline Goes Version 2.0

The thing those two happy chappies are demonstrating is yet another high-tech clothes-drying device: the Cord-o-Clip. What makes this gadget whizzy? Well, you know when you go out to hang clothes on your line, and you're juggling with the laundry and a bag of pegs, maybe with a couple jammed between your teeth because… » 3/31/08 1:43pm 3/31/08 1:43pm

Dyson Concept Updates the Clothesline: It's Raining Pants

The new "air-line" concept from student designer Daniel Fitzgerald and Dyson offers an eco-friendly and space-saving solution to drying your clothes thanks to a design that functions using the movement of air along with solar heat. In other words, it is a solar-powered clothesline. The one big technological… » 2/12/08 6:50pm 2/12/08 6:50pm