Amazon's New Unlimited Cloud Storage Plan Is Dirt Cheap

Watch out Dropbox, Amazon's coming at you with a new cloud storage plan that's ridiculously cheap. You can now store an unlimited number of files in the cloud for $60 a year. That's five bucks a month for everything. » 3/26/15 10:45am Thursday 10:45am

What Is "the Cloud" — and Where Is It?

There's at least one funny joke in Sex Tape. While frantically trying to cut off access to the amateur porn vid he accidentally uploaded to iCloud, Jason Segel tries to explain why deleting the file won't work. "Nobody understands the cloud," he says. "It's a fucking mystery!" He's kind of right. » 1/29/15 1:50pm 1/29/15 1:50pm

Apple's Secret Cloud Weapon Is Already Inside Your Phone

The battle for the cloud. That's what keeps Google, Amazon, and Apple execs and engineers up at night. That's where the next generation of tech dominance is going to be won or lost. Unless, as the WSJ suggests today, Apple's already won. » 6/29/11 5:03pm 6/29/11 5:03pm

How Many Apps Is Too Many Apps?

Looking back on it now, the first time I truly felt the need for a note-taking app was when I started researching note-taking apps. I was just looking for a simple tool to save ideas about upcoming articles or jot down an occasional to-do list. » 4/06/11 1:30pm 4/06/11 1:30pm

Amazon is Now Trying to Get Licensing Deals With Record Labels

From thinking they don't need licensing deals, to "aggressively courting" the big record labels, Amazon's change of heart on the Cloud Player storing/streaming issue will likely cost them dear. After all, it's not like the labels will be responding nicely to their calls, after effectively setting up a streaming… » 3/31/11 4:20am 3/31/11 4:20am

Could Amazon's Cloud Player Be Illegal?

Amazon may argue that functionally, their Cloud Drive service is the same as storing media on an external hard drive, but question marks hover over their Cloud Player, which streams those tracks from the cloud. In the eyes of Sony Music—and possibly more record labels—this Cloud Player requires Amazon to sign extra… » 3/30/11 5:20am 3/30/11 5:20am

What Is Amazon Cloud Drive?

Amazon's taken a leap into the cloud, and they're taking your music with them. But what exactly is Amazon Cloud Drive? And more importantly: how do you use it? » 3/29/11 9:32am 3/29/11 9:32am