Go Check When Your Free Cloud Storage Deals Expire

1GB here, 50GB there—the bonus cloud storage space you can pick up by buying a Chromebook, connecting a Samsung tablet or subscribing to Office 365 can soon start to add up. The trouble is, many of these tempting deals are time-limited, which can leave you in quite a pickle when the expiration date passes. » 7/16/14 4:12pm 7/16/14 4:12pm

​MediaFire Can Finally Sync Files on Your Computer With the Cloud

MediaFire is the old guard of cloud storage, and today, the company's services jump into the present tense with MediaFire Desktop, which allows you to sync your files from your computer to the cloud. How's it going to beat pack-leaders like Dropbox? By building more robust support for people who want to exchange… » 11/21/13 11:00am 11/21/13 11:00am

What's the Most Massive File on Your Hard Drive Right Now?

Cloud storage is great and all, but sometimes you've just gotta download. Sometimes, you've just gotta download something huge. Back in the days of dial-up, a couple hundred MB would take eons to bring down, but now we can play with way bigger files. What's the most massive one you have sitting on your hard drive… » 9/14/13 3:00pm 9/14/13 3:00pm

Loom for iOS: The Better, Cloud-Based Mobile Camera Roll

Cloud storage services are a dime a dozen these days, and just the thought of sifting through the mass to find the one that works best for you can be overwhelming. But when it comes to not just mobile-specific but also photo-specific storage, your options are pretty much cut entirely. That's what makes Loom (which… » 7/24/13 6:00pm 7/24/13 6:00pm

The NSA Can Afford To Store Data From Years Of Phone Calls

There's been a lot of talk about the NSA and its data-gathering policies. The news sounds kind of scary. But you might be thinking that the NSA can't have literally every foreign and domestic call made in the U.S.. That would be a crazy amount of data right? Well, yes it would be, and it kind of seems like they have… » 6/16/13 3:57pm 6/16/13 3:57pm

Space Monkey: Easy Cloud Storage in Your Very Own Home

I have a confession: I've never properly backed up my computer. Ever. Whether it was a cloud-based solution or a local NAS, the upload speeds were horrendous or the software was just plain ugly and confusing to use. But a couple of former Mozy employees have convinced me otherwise. Say hello to Space Monkey. » 4/17/13 10:00am 4/17/13 10:00am