Every mountain needs to have a wonderful cloud bridge like this

The problem with building man made structures in natural wonders like mountain ranges is that they can sore your eyes pretty quickly. Some parts of the world should be left untouched! But imagine a bridge like this one, designed to look like a cloud, on top of a few mountains. The views would be absolutely breathtaking … » 11/06/13 11:13pm 11/06/13 11:13pm

I Can't Believe This Alien Orange Bubble Sky Actually Appeared on Earth

The sky is blue! Only when it's not gray. Or purple. Or red. Or orange. The clouds are white! Only when they're not gray. Or even darker than that. Basically, the clouds and sky can be anything. But can the sky be a creamsicle orange bubbly thing that looks like we're on an alien planet? Apparently so. » 7/30/13 8:00pm 7/30/13 8:00pm

Cloud City: A Spectacular Sculptural Constellation of Mirrors and Steel

Yesterday, atop the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, artist and architect Tomas Saraceno debuted his most recent work: Cloud City. A spectacular sculptural constellation, Cloud City is a mirrored fun house of geodesic pods, open to the public, with a number of prime vantage points for taking in the… » 5/15/12 10:30pm 5/15/12 10:30pm

How To Make Convincing Fly-Thru Cloud Footage Using Just Four Still…

If you're trying to create a dreamy flying-through-the-clouds sequence without renting a plane, helicopter, or even a special effects cloud tank, Jeff Farmer has your solution. All you need is a copy of Photoshop, Motion, four cloud stills photographed from the ground, and a heck of a lot of skill. » 4/28/12 8:00pm 4/28/12 8:00pm

Abraham Lincoln in The Clouds Above New Brunswick, Canada

The guy recording this video of an impending storm says it best: Holy freak! Usually you KINDA see shapes in clouds, and you have to convince your friend that it totally looks like a bunny. Or an elephant. Or your grandma with her big glasses. But there's no convincing necessary with this one. Abraham Lincoln is… » 8/10/11 8:40pm 8/10/11 8:40pm