British Club4Climate Nightclub Charges Itself With the Power of Dance

As the clubbers in Britain's first-ever eco-nightclub rave their little hearts out in the coming months, they'll be doing their part to conserve energy. Well, their feet will be, because the energy that powers 60% of the club is going to be generated by the springy dance floor beneath them. The springs in the floor… »6/21/08 7:00pm6/21/08 7:00pm

Helio and Buzzd Make Location-based Yelp-like Service For Your Phone

Yelp is great, but what if you could find restaurants and clubs based on where you are right now? Thanks to Helio phones' GPS service and the Buzzd software, you can. It works as a built-in app on your Helio phone (the two companies partnered up today) and will allow you to even message your friends to update them on… »2/06/08 1:23pm2/06/08 1:23pm