The World's Largest CMOS Sensor Is Recording Meteors at 60FPS

Last year, when we asked what could possibly need an 8-square-inch low light sensor, Canon replied with, "Space stuff". Totally proving them right, the Schmidt telescope at the University of Tokyo's Kiso Observatory now employs it to records faint meteors in the night sky. » 9/19/11 8:20pm 9/19/11 8:20pm

Canon PowerShot SD4000 IS Review: No More Noisy Nights

The Canon PowerShot SD4000, the company's first compact with a back-lit CMOS sensor, achieves an elusive point-and-shoot camera feat: crisp, clean nighttime photography. And it's not even that expensive. » 6/01/10 3:39pm 6/01/10 3:39pm

Scalado Promises to Finally Kill Irritating Phone Camera Lag

It's the worst thing about phone cameras (except for the image noise, poor low-light performance, desaturated colors and incessant motion blur): the picture delay. Scalado says they've managed to eliminate it by constantly recording and displaying actual JPG images of the frame in real time. In other words, when you… » 11/20/08 5:36am 11/20/08 5:36am

Sony Sets 2012 Goal For 12MP Cell Cameras, Meets it in a Week

Last week Sony Ericsson predicted quite a few things » 11/13/08 9:00am 11/13/08 9:00am for the cell phones of 2012: faster processors, high-resolution screens, superfast connectivity and most specifically, 12-20MP cameras. Well ! Sony — Sony — has just announced a 12.25MP CMOS sensor for phone cameras. Looks like either a horrible breakdown of…

9-Megapixel Cameraphones Coming; Pics Still Likely To Suck

A component maker called Digital Imaging Systems has announced it will soon ship a camera module for phones and other devices, capable of shooting single images at 3488x2616 pixels—over 9 megapixels. Another great fact for the sell sheet is that the low-powered CMOS will allow for 30-frame-per second 720p high-def… » 9/22/08 8:30pm 9/22/08 8:30pm