Microsoft Profit Down 18 Percent, Which Is Better Than Anybody Expected

Microsoft's earnings don't look rosy: Revenue's down 14 percent from last year, at $12.92 billion, and net income's down 18 percent, to $3.57 billion. But, that's way better than anybody was estimating, which sent their stock up. Until CNBC screwed up the numbers, and immediately tanked the stock, costing people a lot… »10/23/09 11:47am10/23/09 11:47am

Steve Jobs on the iPhone: It May Change the Whole Phone Industry

For anyone who may have missed it, Planet iPhone has a recap of Steve Jobs' CNBC interview on the iPhone. In it he discusses why Apple got into the handheld market (it's cause they feel the category needed to be reinvented), why they backpedaled on video (turns out there is demand for video—go figure), and the deal… »1/23/07 9:37am1/23/07 9:37am