What Will We Find On Passengers' Cell Phones From Flight MH370?

Bearing in mind that CNN is the same network that suggested Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 might have flown into a black hole, it was nonetheless interesting to hear the network speculate that the cell phones of the flight's passengers might hold an archive of unsent emails, texts, photos, and videos of whatever… » 4/13/14 1:00pm 4/13/14 1:00pm

CNN App Finally Tickers Onto Android Phones

CNN's long been a mainstay of both iPhone and iPad, and was even one of the first widely available Android tablet apps. If you own a Droid or a Fascinate, though, you've been Wolf Blitzerless for far too long. Finally, though, CNN for Android smartphones is here, the spittin' image of its iOS cousin. Available now, … » 4/19/11 12:40pm 4/19/11 12:40pm