Learn About the Brain While Destroying Yours With These Drink Coasters

The jury’s still out on whether or not you’re actually killing individual brain cells with every sip of booze, but over-indulgence can certainly have a harmful effect on your ability to think straight. So maybe if you manage to make drinking educational, like with a $20 set of ten glass coasters featuring slices of a… »4/20/15 5:22pm4/20/15 5:22pm


Take a Terrifying Test Drive of This New 95 mph Mega Rollercoaster

An amusement park called Carowinds in Charlotte, North Carolina, is putting the finishing touches on its new mega coaster called the Fury 325. The first hill sends riders plummeting down an 81-degree drop at 95 miles per hour and before the ride is officially open, you can now take a test drive from the comfort of… »3/05/15 12:45pm3/05/15 12:45pm

When These CMYK Coasters Are Stacked a Masterpiece Is Revealed

As newspapers, magazines, and books are slowly replaced with electronic alternatives, the art of CMYK printing is slowly dying alongside them. So now's as good a time as any to grab a souvenir before the technical process becomes a forgotten art—and these CMYK coasters seem to fit the bill, especially if you've got… »9/08/14 5:00pm9/08/14 5:00pm

Your Heart Won't Skip a Beat When You Spill On Fake Keyboard Coasters

Despite their remarkable ability to survive daily abuse, you still can't help but feel a little panicked when you've accidentally spilled a drink across your keyboard. Unless your keyboard's made from soft, flexible silicone and is specifically designed to be used as drink coasters, and not for typing. »6/10/14 12:40pm6/10/14 12:40pm

Coasters That Stick To Glasses Protect Every Surface in Your Home

A coaster is only effective if your dinner guests are willing to use them. Once you've left the room to check on dinner, it's all but guaranteed there will be glasses, cans, and bottles placed directly onto every piece of furniture you own. Unless, of course, those coasters were stuck to the bottom of every drink. »2/11/14 5:00pm2/11/14 5:00pm

Glowing Arc Reactor Coasters Are Just Enabling Tony Stark

It wasn't dealt with much in the movies, but in the Iron Man comic books Tony Stark is constantly battling alcoholism. And that's what makes these light-up glowing coasters ironic. On the big screen, he used the technology he developed to fight crime and make the world a better place. But in the comics, he would have… »11/20/13 5:00pm11/20/13 5:00pm

Heatsink Coasters Cool Hot Beverages While Protecting Your Furniture

If they're good enough to keep temperatures under control inside your electronics, it only makes sense that a simple aluminum heatsink would be just as effective at taming a piping hot cup of coffee. Not to mention providing plenty of tiny channels for condensation to collect instead of dripping onto your furniture… »5/28/13 1:22pm5/28/13 1:22pm

DIY Smart Coaster Lets You Know When Coffee Is 'Just Right'

As a cream and sugar kind of guy—that's a "regular" to we Yanks in Boston—getting a cup of coffee that's consistently at the "right" temperature is a crapshoot at best. If there's not enough cream, I'll scald myself with a fresh cup. Other times there's not enough; I'll get sidetracked, and then go back to my cup for… »11/23/08 6:30pm11/23/08 6:30pm

DIY Smart Beer Coasters Open Up a Whole New World of Drinking Games

If you can stay sober long enough to build one, a company called Sentilla has developed a DIY "smart" beer coaster that could lead to a myriad of new drinking games for you and your friends to enjoy. The coaster is "smart" in the sense that it can detect when a drink is present and when it is removed, it can… »12/12/07 7:40pm12/12/07 7:40pm