Cobra 29 LTD BT is the World's First Bluetooth CB Radio: 10-4 Good Buddy

Cobra Electronics is expected to unveil the world's first Bluetooth CB radio at this years Mid-America Trucking Show. Naturally, this device will allow truckers to synch their mobile phone conversations to their CB radio, making for more effective communication. Plus, a noise canceling microphone will allow calls to… » 2/20/08 8:15pm 2/20/08 8:15pm

Goth-style Webcam is So Hideous You Wouldn't Want to Film Your…

Sweet Baby Jesus and all the orphans, we wonder what possessed the creators of this nightmarish webcam as they slaved away at the drawing board. Something nasty with horns, a wicked headache and really bad taste in art, I reckon. Let's see—take one webcam (pretty standard USB 2.0, 1.3 Mpix little number, with lights… » 1/21/08 8:41am 1/21/08 8:41am

Cobra Brings Radar Detectors to the 21st Century with OLEDs and Smart…

I thought radar detectors were a thing of the 1980s until I spotted Cobra's sexy new Super-Xtreme Range Superheterodyne Maximum Performance 12 Band XRS 9950. Even its name says "I drive a long red car very fast for reasons I won't go into now." Seriously, the 1.5" OLED screen on this baby shows you everything from… » 1/05/08 9:13pm 1/05/08 9:13pm

Cobra XRS R9G GPS Radar Detector: Fights the Man by Dodging Red Light…

Here's a gadget for those who learned to drive by watching Mad Max. Cobra's latest radar detector picks up on standard radar and laser guns used by The Man in speed enforcement. But it also has a GPS and a database of known speed traps and red light cameras. That's good for slowing down before John Q. Law pegs you… » 1/05/07 8:01am 1/05/07 8:01am

Vertu Cobra $310,000 Cellphone: Features Justify The Price?

Work at Goldman Sachs and/or Morgan Stanley and have a couple extra hundred thousand/million dollars to spend? Then feast your eyes on the Vertu Signature Cobra. For a cool $310,000 you can purchase... a cellphone? Sure, the phone is decked out with precious gemstones (one pear-cut diamond, one round white diamond two… » 12/21/06 10:30am 12/21/06 10:30am

Insanity: Four GPS Navs Shouting From One Dashboard

The voices in Charlie's head are nothing compared to the cacophony coming from his dashboard. Take a look at this video, where you can hear the voices of four GPS units as he test which tell us to turn soonest. The smooth-sounding male voice is that of the Honda Civic Hybrid's built-in GPS unit, the robotic male… » 10/16/06 4:22pm 10/16/06 4:22pm