This is the cockpit of the supersonic car that will reach 1000MPH

This awesomeness—captured by photographer Stefan Marjoram—is the cockpit of the Bloodhound Supersonic Car, designed to set a new world land speed record of—at least!—1,000 miles per hour (1,609.34 km/h) in South Africa. Its pilot, Andy Green, explains how the instruments work in this video tour. » 6/14/14 1:29am 6/14/14 1:29am

Italy: Home to Delicious Pizza, Leather Shoes and Racing Simulators

Italian company Movetech has finally designed a racing cockpit worthy of mention. Throw away your cheap Logitech set and get ready for some "full-blown racing." This cockpit will work with PS2 and your PC, as well as other various hookups. But it's designed for playing Gran Turismo, as the name implies. It comes with… » 9/20/05 4:30pm 9/20/05 4:30pm