A Coconut-Filtered Water Bottle That's Easy To Actually Sip From

Moving the water filter from the pitcher in your fridge to the reusable bottle you carry around all day means you can safely refill it anywhere. The catch, however, is that most filtered water bottles either require you to suck like a vacuum cleaner, or squeeze the bottle into submission to get the water through the… »9/24/13 5:00pm9/24/13 5:00pm


Scientists Revolutionize Pina Colada Production With Coconut-Flavored Pineapples

Australia's Department of Agriculture has announced that its researchers have made a breakthrough that will send shockwaves across beach resorts and tiki-themed restaurants around the world. Through careful breeding they've managed to produce a sweet pineapple that also tastes like coconut, reducing future Pina Colada… »12/06/12 7:00pm12/06/12 7:00pm