Red Bull Gives Your DJ Table Wings (and Balls)

Red Bull has teamed up with Canadian design company Cocoon to develop a functional DJ table that represents "Red Bull's sponsorship of an actual nightlife experience." The table features a backlit logo panel, ventilation for laptops and slots for vinyl records and large CD booklets. As you will see in the image after the … » 10/22/08 12:15pm 10/22/08 12:15pm

Macbook Would Commit Adultery With LED Cellphone

Tao Ma is at it again, cranking out another great phone concept. The new design, the LED Cellphone, incorporates hundreds of LEDs, all of which are used to create the cellphone's striking UI. Check out the gallery below to see a cellphone your plastic white MacBook would fall head over heels for. » 1/20/08 8:05pm 1/20/08 8:05pm

Oi Modular Sofa Makes me Think of Albino Tetris, Shipping Now

The Oi sofa concept was launched in New York last year, but it's taken almost a year and a half to make it available. Made out of L- and bar-shaped components, you can make loads of different-shaped sofas with it, including one with a neat side table add-on. It packs up/down into a 30-inch cube so shipping and storage… » 10/23/07 8:00am 10/23/07 8:00am

Sleek O2 Cocoon Plays Music, Transforms into Bedside Clock

Yes, it's no iPhone and it's British, but the O2 Cocoon's has a blue LED screen that shines straight through its retro-'70s white clamshell design. It can display time, caller or track information, while simultaneously looking awesome. Best of all, it can transform: It comes with a dock that converts it into a bedside… » 7/25/07 3:56am 7/25/07 3:56am