Windows 8 Won't Play DVDs as Standard

Microsoft has recently been dribbling out news of the media functionality of Windows 8, and little has been surprising. But here's something weird: unless you buy the Media Center version of the OS, Windows won't offer any native facility for DVD playback. » 5/04/12 3:43am 5/04/12 3:43am

YouTube Changes Its Video Codec to WebM

From now on, any video you upload to YouTube will be transcoded into Google's WebM codec, joining the "videos that make up 99% of views on the site or nearly 30% of all videos." Google explains it to the non-tech savvy folk like so: » 4/20/11 11:21am 4/20/11 11:21am

Next Year's Xbox Live Update Needs These 8 Features

The Fall 2010 Xbox update is pretty good. There are a lot of additions of third-party content, and the UI is, you know, better. But users want more. » 9/29/10 4:40pm 9/29/10 4:40pm

Is H.264 a Legal Minefield For Video Pros?

If you're a digital-video professional—someone who records weddings, sells stock footage, or edits B-roll—chances are good you deal with H.264. But after reading software license agreements, you might well wonder if you have rights to do so. » 5/04/10 4:00pm 5/04/10 4:00pm

Giz Explains: Every Video Format You Need to Know

Once upon time, video codecs and formats were really only the concern of AV nerds, anime freaks and hardcore not-so-legal movie downloaders. Now, even the most part-time of geeks has to deal with them, whether they're trying to stream a flick across their house with an Apple TV, dump some video onto their phone or… » 11/20/08 2:15pm 11/20/08 2:15pm

Cowon O2 Hands-On: Will Play Your Most Rebellious Media Files

CNET got their hands on Cowon's new flash-based PMP, the O2, and they think it's one of the year's best dedicated media players. The 4.3-inch touchscreen player has a truly ridiculous list of supported codecs, an SDHC slot to expand its internal 8, 16, or 32GB memory, solid (if not too flashy) GUI, and a surprisingly… » 10/25/08 5:15pm 10/25/08 5:15pm

PS3 DivX Update Coming 'Very Soon'

Click to viewWe met with DivX earlier today to discuss their upcoming plans, and one of the topics that came up was support for the PS3 console. According to the company, they expect the previously announced firmware update to hit the PS3 soon, which will enable full DivX support for the console. Though no specific… » 12/13/07 4:37pm 12/13/07 4:37pm

Dealzmodo: DivX Pro Free Today

Own a Mac? Get a copy of DivX Pro free, today only. Don't own a Mac? What the hell, grab a copy anyway. You never know when you'll get one/sell it to someone for $5. » 6/07/07 7:00pm 6/07/07 7:00pm

Xbox 360 Spring Update Video FAQ

With great power comes great responsibility, and with added codec support comes a crapload of new questions. That's why Microsoft's Xbox team has released a FAQ detailing what you may or may not want to know about the newly supported codecs. » 5/09/07 9:00pm 5/09/07 9:00pm

M2Convert Converts DVDs, DivX To Zune

For the seven of you who were unlucky enough to get a Zune this Christmas, you're probably dying to watch some video on its large-sized screen. Too bad, since the Zune only takes a certain type of video files, namely WMV and M4V. M2 Solution's M2 Convert is supposed to help you convert both DVDs and most video and… » 12/27/06 5:05pm 12/27/06 5:05pm

Advanced SightSpeed Video Codec Debuts Tonight

SightSpeed 5.0 rolls out tonight, and it's bringing 30fps IP video calls that are reportedly jaw-dropping. The software and web-based service gives you low latency and high resolution, using its mysterious, unspecified Advanced SightSpeed Video Codec for webcam calls and Slingbox-like video viewing without the… » 7/26/06 12:33pm 7/26/06 12:33pm