Coffee Cup Powers Your Morning...and Your Gadgets

Without that cup of coffee in the morning most of us would be completely useless. Now our gadgets can get the same jump start thanks to this coffee cup charger from PowerLine. It features 2 AC outlets and one USB charging port with 200 watts of continuous power (400 watt peak). That's enough to power up some TVs and… » 10/13/08 12:00pm 10/13/08 12:00pm

Gun Mug: Caffeine and Weapons are a Winning Combination

Designed by Hong Kong based design studio Chilli Chilly, these gun mugs feature a porcelain base, a gold or platinum plated trigger, and what appears to be a mock "safety" switch on the side. Great for that morning cup of coffee at work. There is nothing better for taking your career to the next level than letting… » 10/26/07 6:20pm 10/26/07 6:20pm

Anti-Theft Coffee Cup Stops That Klepto Cube-Mate

Interoffice politics can get pretty heated at times, I should know. I once stabbed a man with a paperclip. For the ultra-paranoid, or office with a rabid kleptomaniac is this Anti-Theft Coffee Cup. It requires a key to be used. Plug the key into the hole and it can be filled. Leave the plug out and prepare to be… » 3/14/07 2:15pm 3/14/07 2:15pm