This Reusable Coffee Cup Blends in at the Coffee Shop

How many coffee cups do you go through in a week? Probably way more than you should. JOCO's 12 ounce reusable cup will keep your guilt at bay. And it looks just like one of the ones you'd be tossing anyway. » 4/26/13 5:40pm 4/26/13 5:40pm

Recycling as Art and Lighting

Before you go tossing that coffee cup or plastic spoon into the garbage or even the recycling bin, why don't you send it along to artist Christian DuCharme? The man's made a name for himself making lights from discarded utensils. » 10/08/11 2:00pm 10/08/11 2:00pm

Over-caffeinated TIE Fighter Combines Starbucks And Star Wars

Wired is having a little art contest to make things from the stuff you get at Starbucks, and to provide some inspiration, they showed off photographer Dan Winters' amazing TIE fighter sculpture. Everybody's favorite Galactic Empire spacecraft was made out of nearly 50 Starbucks cups, 216 stirrers, over 60 drink… » 10/22/08 11:20pm 10/22/08 11:20pm