Look at This Idiot Using His Typewriter in a Starbucks

We've already been plenty vocal on our opinions of people who use coffee shops as their personal office. But this guy—this digital rebel found by Twitter user @DGoddamnGlover—makes those non-ordering, space-consuming table squatters look like saints—and this their new pope. » 3/12/13 4:20pm 3/12/13 4:20pm

The Coffee Shop Isn't Your Office Vol. 254: Don't Complain. Ever.

We've been vocal before about how the coffee shop is not your office. But if you do happen to set up camp in one, you may absolutely never ever under any circumstances complain about the freaking music. » 9/28/12 2:40pm 9/28/12 2:40pm

How To Safeguard Your Computer at a Coffee Shop

So you're doing some work on your computer at a coffee shop and you realize you need to use the bathroom. You don't want to leave your lifeline unattended, but you don't want to give up your seat either. Asking the stranger next to you to keep an eye on things seems like a hassle and toting a lock seems too logical.… » 3/08/11 9:00pm 3/08/11 9:00pm

Laptops in Coffee Shops: What Do You Do When You Have to Go to the…

Originally, this question was going to involve how often you bring a laptop to coffee shops, but when I discussed it with our own Jason Chen, he revealed to me that he always wondered what people do when they inevitably have to go to the bathroom. Immediately I realized that was a far more entertaining and thought… » 8/04/08 5:10pm 8/04/08 5:10pm