I'm Sad That No Kid Will Ever Know What This Coffee Table Really Is

Can you imagine the conversation you would have with a child, hell, a tween, about this coffee table? "You see, son. Before the cloud and usb sticks. Before hard drives and iPhones and Androids. Before the iPod and even before the CD player, there was something called the floppy disk. And it stored 1.44MB. Yeah, I… »11/30/12 11:00pm11/30/12 11:00pm

Coffee Table Makes Retro Gaming a Contemporary Experience

Half MAME cabinet, half pretentious furniture, this new coffee table by Surface Tension mixes worlds to adultize your gaming habit. Available in walnut or oak, the table features a 19-inch LCD, Shuttle PC with dual core CPU, integrated USB and HDMI outputs, 100W of speakers and two sets of high quality buttons and… »10/23/08 8:30am10/23/08 8:30am

Freshwest Takes the Concept of a Pool Table Literally

Kudos to the design team at the UK-based firm Freshwest for putting a fresh, humorous spin on the concept of what a pool table »10/16/08 5:50pm10/16/08 5:50pm should be. What they have developed is actually a coffee table constructed out of 50mm acrylic that reflects and refracts light "in such a way that it resembled the depth and hue of an actual…

LED Coffee Table Plays Four-Way Pong (Can Surface Do That?)

Well, yes, it probably could, but as yet it's only there for picking the interior color for your new BMW and the like. So for now, this DIY coffee table with a matrix of 4,092 LEDs is what I want in my living room. Using 65 microcontrollers and four Atari 2600 joysticks, the circuit wizards at Sparkfun »9/15/08 1:30pm9/15/08 1:30pm have loaded…