Star Trek Coffin Warps Your Corpse To the Final Nerd Frontier

Eternal Image, makers of afterlife geek vessels, released a near final design of their Star Trek casket based on the "Photon Torpedo" design from STII: Wrath of Khan. The piano black coffin is complete with Federation insignia on the inside, and handles for when the ensigns load your geek corpse into the airlock. [… » 10/31/07 2:33pm 10/31/07 2:33pm

Russian Coffin Buries You with Panic Button

Ever since we saw The Serpent and the Rainbow as a little kid, we've had this unnatural fear of being buried alive. Well, a Russian inventor by the name of Vitaly Malyukov must have watched the same movie cause he's designed a casket with a built-in panic button that lets you contact the living in case your quack of… » 11/09/06 10:06am 11/09/06 10:06am