Sound System Coffin Lets Audiophiles Rock Out For Eternity

It almost looks like an over-the-top prank by the Onion, but this $30,700 coffin—equipped with speakers and a wireless streaming sound system—is apparently real. Even its name, the CataCombo Sound System, seems like something made up for an SNL commercial parody. But if you can't bear the idea of spending the… » 12/13/12 10:40am 12/13/12 10:40am

Ukrainians Are Hanging Out in Coffins and Calling It Therapy

How do you prepare to meet your maker? Confess your sins, make right with your enemies, spend all of your money on an elaborate European vacation co-starring LL Cool J? Not in the Ukraine. First of all, you're already in Europe. Second, you're probably doing coffin therapy, the hottest and creepiest trend in… » 12/03/12 8:48am 12/03/12 8:48am

There Are Grave Consequences To Sinking the Cue Ball On This Coffin…

Unless you're being cremated, blasted into space, or turned into a cyborg, everyone will need a coffin at some point in their life. (Usually near the end.) And a company called Casket Furniture figures that since you'll be spending thousands of dollars on your post-life home, you might as well enjoy it as much as… » 7/14/12 8:00pm 7/14/12 8:00pm

The Nine Weirdest Coffins You Can Actually Buy

When you die and you're lowered into your grave, you might as well do it in style. If you were a brewer, why wouldn't you be buried in a beer bottle? Crazy Coffins lets the deceased and their families do just that, with some of the wildest eternal resting places you've ever seen. » 5/14/12 4:33pm 5/14/12 4:33pm

12 Coffins for the Not-So-Undead

Look, we've got enough problems as it is with walking corpses rising from the grave and trying to eat us. Last thing we need is someone crawling out of the ground a week after the fact just because they were really, really drunk. Our friends at Oobject have 12 of the best safety coffins money can buy.
And when you're… » 1/13/12 9:00pm 1/13/12 9:00pm

The Awesome Animal-Shaped Coffins of Ghana's Paa Joe

The Ghanaian carpenter Paa Joe is a master coffin carver. Which sounds sort of boring, until you see his coffins, which are shaped and painted like awesome stuff: cars, jets, fish, eagles. Cocoa pods. No, really! Check them out. » 12/09/10 8:00am 12/09/10 8:00am

Coffins Go High-Tech With Touchscreens For Full Customization

Must be grim work, assembling coffins in a factory that churns out 1,100 daily. That's alotta dead bodies. Batesville Casket Company, in Manchester, Tennessee, offers touchscreen computers to customers for choosing from 22 colors, plus all the trimmings. [Atlantic] » 12/01/10 2:40pm 12/01/10 2:40pm

Ashes to Ashes, a Minimalist Pulp Coffin to Dust...

These are the most tasteful eco-friendly coffins I've ever seen, and as they're made from recycled paper the earth will be nourished within days. I guess the antithesis of these DanCofs would be wrapping a body in numerous Happy Meals? » 11/02/10 8:20am 11/02/10 8:20am

The Many Advantages of a $400,000 Cellphone-Equipped Gold Coffin

At first blush, you might look at this $381,000 gold coffin that comes with a cellphone and think: what a hopelessly tacky waste of money. You'd be so wrong. Here's just a few benefits: » 3/01/10 6:20pm 3/01/10 6:20pm

A Screw-In Coffin is Clever and Economical

This screw-in coffin seems very economical, both in saving ground space and not having to have heavy equipment to lower your family members into the ground. Cemeteries have limited ground in meatspace, so putting people in edgewise just makes sense. » 2/09/10 9:20pm 2/09/10 9:20pm

What're You Up to in That Coffin? Oh, Just Chillin'

Air-conditioned coffins are all the rage now in Serbia, where they keep bodies looking extra fresh. I can understand how people can't live without their A/C, but really, they need it when they're dead too? » 4/10/09 7:00pm 4/10/09 7:00pm

Shelves for Life: Even Death Won't Do You Part

Designed to make "stronger emotional relationships with our belongings," Shelves for Life is a bookcase-slash-coffin that holds your personal possessions in life and your person—corpse—in death. » 4/06/09 11:20pm 4/06/09 11:20pm

Be Buried In an iPhone, Vista or Boobies-Inspired Coffin

A company called Creative Coffins offers a service where you can choose themed caskets designed however you like, leading the nerds at T3 to mock up some interesting ones with the concept. Would you want to be buried in an iPhone casket? A Vista casket? How about GTA4, Halo, or an SNES one with an eject button on the… » 7/23/08 12:15pm 7/23/08 12:15pm

Star Trek Coffin Warps Your Corpse To the Final Nerd Frontier

Eternal Image, makers of afterlife geek vessels, released a near final design of their Star Trek casket based on the "Photon Torpedo" design from STII: Wrath of Khan. The piano black coffin is complete with Federation insignia on the inside, and handles for when the ensigns load your geek corpse into the airlock. [… » 10/31/07 2:33pm 10/31/07 2:33pm

Uono Cocoon Coffin

If everything you've done in life, you've done in style, why go to your grave in an unattractive box? For $3,500 you can get yourself the high gloss Uono Cocoon Coffin, in your choice of fourteen standard colors (or you can use their Haute Couture service if you'd like to pick another) . Even crunchy granola types… » 4/18/06 10:17am 4/18/06 10:17am

Soul Ash Solace: Go Out In Style

Here's a great way to go out in style, with Soul Ash Solace by Maximal Design, a combination cremation coffin and urn that will make you the envy of all of your morgue mates. The body is placed in this coffin made of eco-friendly corrugated board, papier-m ch and wood, and on top of the coffin is a stainless steel… » 2/16/06 2:29pm 2/16/06 2:29pm