Some Intriguing New Hints About What Ant Consciousness Is Really Like

They build cities. They farm. They make war. Ants do a lot of things that seem uncannily human — and yet they’re profoundly alien, part of a hive mind called a social organism. What does that feel like to each individual ant? Now a new scientific paper suggests that there is always doubt in the hive mind. »6/12/15 8:50pm6/12/15 8:50pm

Looking at Orange Light Is Like Drinking a Cup of Coffee

Light is an incredibly powerful force. Sure, it helps us see and gives us fast internet, but medical researchers keep stumbling upon new positive side-effects. A team of Belgian scientists, for instance, just discovered how a ten minute blast of orange light increases brain activity related to cognition and alertness. »3/11/14 10:20am3/11/14 10:20am

Will We Have Cognitive Computers That Feel And Smell in The Next Five Years?

At the end of each year, IBM releases its "5 in 5"—five technology predictions that IBM researchers foresee coming to fruition within the coming five years. These predictions are based on everything from emerging market trends to cultural and social behaviors to actual technologies IBM has incubating in its many… »12/18/12 5:41am12/18/12 5:41am