Trick Yourself Into Saving Money With the Spend/Save Coin Bank

This is clever: a coin bank that will randomly place your change into one of two compartments, spend or save. That way, you'll have only the bank to blame when you don't have enough money for rent. [TaylorGifts via BoJ] » 10/26/09 4:20pm 10/26/09 4:20pm

Olio Coin Bank with Clock Needs T.P. for Its Bunghole

I would not like to meet the weirdo who designed this Olio coin bank-cum*-clock in a club—he probably uses his to keep his Rohypnols dry. $21.95, from Wrappables this is the chocolate teapot, the bone china stiletto or the USB thong of the gadget world. [Wrappables via 7Gadgets] » 8/24/07 7:57am 8/24/07 7:57am