Stephen Colbert Knows Exactly How to Stop Google's Robot Army

As you may already know, just last week, Google officially announced its purchase of scary robot aficionado Boston Dynamics. And though this acquisition may seem to set Google up for getting into the military contracting game, the company says it has no intention of doing so. But can we ever really be sure? But what… »12/17/13 10:40am12/17/13 10:40am

New Crazy Björk Thing: Interactive iPad Album on Colbert

Bjork stopped by the Colbert Report last night to talk about her new album "Biophilia," which has an interactive iPad component that lets listeners manipulate the music with various on-screen elements. The interview wasn't without the obligatory technical difficulties, but thanks to some expressive gestures we all… »2/01/12 1:07pm2/01/12 1:07pm