Stephen Colbert Knows Exactly How to Stop Google's Robot Army

As you may already know, just last week, Google officially announced its purchase of scary robot aficionado Boston Dynamics. And though this acquisition may seem to set Google up for getting into the military contracting game, the company says it has no intention of doing so. But can we ever really be sure? But what… »12/17/13 10:40am12/17/13 10:40am

Stephen Colbert Replaces His $310,000 Vertu with Something Better

Times are tough, friends. And even wealthy conservative mouthpiece Stephen Colbert has to cut back on his gadget spending habits. Needless to say, the guy is still doing alright; he continues to dial numbers that most of us haven't even dreamed about. We also hear that he smells of peppermint and lilacs at distances… »10/24/08 9:40am10/24/08 9:40am

Stephen Colbert Isn't Afraid of the iPhone's Kill Switch

What's the #1 threat facing America? According to pundit Stephen Colbert, it's the hateable iPhone »8/17/08 2:30pm8/17/08 2:30pm. After discovering it has a to remotely remove malicious apps, the phone went straight to the top of Colbert's Threat Down list—even edging out bears. He says the switch is designed to "kill you", and though that may be…

Brendan Koerner Teaches Stephen Colbert About CFLs and the Environment

Friend of Giz and contributing editor Brendan I. Koerner was on the Colbert Report last night to school Stephen on ways to save the environment. Koerner discussed the paper/plastic debate, using air conditioning vs. windows, and whether it's cheaper to buy CFLs or regular bulbs. Colbert let the green-concious Koerner… »8/01/08 7:00pm8/01/08 7:00pm

Colbert: First Vid of Dean Kamen's Miracle Water Distiller

Caught for the first time on video, Segway inventor Dean Kamen presented his Vapor Compression Distiller on last night's Colbert Report. The distiller is a chemical-, membrane-, and filter-free water purifier. Kamen claims the box draws pure drinkable water from oceans, poisons—even a 50-gallon drum of urine. He has … »3/21/08 1:30pm3/21/08 1:30pm