Scientists Are Creating the Coldest Cubic Meter in the Universe

It's hard to describe exactly how cold the coldest cubic meter in the universe will be. Frozen to just a blip above absolute zero—the temperature at which atoms cannot even vibrate—the CUORE experiment will try to nail down a tiny number that has long eluded physicists: the mass of a neutrino. » 10/13/14 4:00pm 10/13/14 4:00pm

The Arctic is such a gorgeously pure wonderland

Labor Day is near so summer is just about wrapped up which means the idea of cold and winter is just beginning to percolate. And the best part about winter is thinking about it. When you can remember the memories of holidays and taste the hot chocolate and not feel a single drop in temperature because it's not here… » 8/29/14 9:36pm 8/29/14 9:36pm

Why Fire Hydrants Don’t Freeze and Burst During Winter

The fire hydrant that we know today traces its origins back to fire plugs. Water mains that transported fresh water in a city or town used to be made of hollowed out logs buried beneath the streets. Whenever there was a fire and firefighters needed water, they dug up the cobblestone street and drilled a hole into the… » 8/12/14 5:40am 8/12/14 5:40am

The Power Went Out At This Antarctic Research Station While It Was -67F

It's been a very, very cold winter in Antarctica, with scientists reporting record lows all over the continent. Which makes the fact that researchers living on the Brunt Ice Shelf lost power for 19 hours even scarier. Today, the British Antarctic Survey announced it's halting all science until the situation gets… » 8/06/14 6:15pm 8/06/14 6:15pm

Why do ice cubes crack when you drop them in drinks?

The sound of summer is ice cracking as you pour yourself a cold drink. Hearing that snap and pop cools everybody down. But why does ice crack? Periodic Videos explains the reason why ice straight from freezer suffers that sudden crack versus how ice left on a tray will just melt instead of crack. » 7/02/14 12:47am 7/02/14 12:47am

Why Minneapolis Is One of America's Best Winter Biking Cities

After two days of sleet and snow, Minneapolis' Midtown Greenway looks like a wrong turn on Ice Road Truckers. Outside the Freewheel Midtown Bike Center, bundled-up fat-bike riders trace circular routes back and forth in front of the building, their barely visible eyes squinting with purpose into the gray air. » 5/08/14 10:40am 5/08/14 10:40am

What 12 inches of snow fall overnight looks like in 45 seconds

Is winter going to end anytime soon? Doesn't look like it. Here's GoPro footage capturing more than 12 inches of snow piling up over one night. It starts falling quickly and then slows down a little bit in the middle until it starts raging in the end. It's like you expect the snow to come to a stop but it keeps going… » 2/13/14 7:51pm 2/13/14 7:51pm

This video about winter makes me feel colder than winter itself

It's 70 degrees where I am right now but I'm shivering. I have goosebumps all over my body and my teeth are chattering and I swore I just saw my own breath. I want to put on my winter coat and scarf and earmuffs and gloves. Why? Because I just watched this frigidly beautiful video directed by Oliver Würffell. It's… » 2/11/14 8:48pm 2/11/14 8:48pm

Giant ice balls in Lake Michigan look like dirty alien eggs hatching

It's cold out there, guys. So cold that lakes are so frozen that they look like they're from the Moon. So cold that freaking grounds explode. But now that it's a little less cold, the ice is melting from our frigid Earth and forming giant ice balls in our lakes. Here is the balls on Lake Michigan, the way they move… » 1/08/14 10:09pm 1/08/14 10:09pm

Rock Piles, Graves, and Ice Caves Are Historic Monuments in Antarctica

On these frigid days, it helps to think about a place like Antarctica, which was recently determined to be without a doubt the coldest place on Earth (as if anyone was really surprised?). But it's also home to unique historic monuments befitting the treacherous environment that include 100-year-old huts, industrial… » 12/11/13 4:00pm 12/11/13 4:00pm

NASA finds the coldest place on Earth

You're looking at Valkyrie Dome aka Dome Fuji, on the East Antarctic Plateau. Near these dark structures there is a ridge with hollows that can get down to minus 133.6 degrees Fahrenheit—minus 92 degrees Celsius. A team of NASA and US Geological Survey scientists have now officially declared this ridge The Coldest… » 12/09/13 6:28pm 12/09/13 6:28pm