Dealzmodo: Amazon MP3 Albums For $1.99 (Starting With Coldplay)

Amazon is launching a pair of new discounts for their MP3 album downloads, ''Daily Deals'' and "Friday Five." Daily Deals are deeply discounted albums-today that deal is Coldplay's X&Y for just $1.99. And Friday Five are five albums discounted to $5 every Friday through the weekend. If you're looking to (legally)… »6/17/08 10:50am6/17/08 10:50am

Coldplay Flogging off Old, Unwanted Studio Equipment, but Gwyneth Stays

Coldplay, purveyors of middle-class mundanity to the eardrums of the worthy*, are having a garage sale at their studio. So, anyone who wants to pick up a gadget with Korg, Roland, Linn, Pearl, Hafler or Yamaha written on it, and which emanates a musical version of "Pew Pew," then head off to eBay, 'cause that's where… »2/26/08 9:27am2/26/08 9:27am