Propane Coffee Maker Kind of Misses the Point of Camping

Outdoor gear manufacturer Coleman was just trying to do a nice thing by creating the Portable Propane Coffee Maker. It works like the machine in your kitchen, using only water, a filter and some coffee grounds. Oh, and a tank of propane. » 6/29/11 10:40pm 6/29/11 10:40pm

Coleman FlashCell Cordless Screwdriver Charges in 90 Seconds

If you're like us, you might use a cordless screwdriver once a year, long enough for its charge to trickle away. But get this: The Coleman FlashCell Cordless Screwdriver will be ready for you in a jiffy, charging in 90 seconds or less. That's because it's not charging batteries, it's charging a large capacitor,… » 10/01/07 2:04pm 10/01/07 2:04pm

Battery-Powered Shower-in-a-Box Keeps You Clean, Anywhere

This shower-in-a-box is designed to go where regular showers aren't: the beach, the mountains or your next LAN party. Requiring only four AA batteries, it'll wash all the sand, dirt or nerdsweat off you with water from its tank, which has a capacity of a bit over five gallons. The water pressure isn't gonna be like… » 8/30/07 11:47am 8/30/07 11:47am

Pen-Sized Fishing Rod

The Fishpen, by outdoor gear company Coleman, is a telescoping fishing rod in a pen sized container. It's for when you happen to pass a creek, or pond, and the mood strikes you to Fish your little heart out and hook some bass in the mouth for the pure love of the sport. The compact bronze reel snaps on after extending… » 6/25/07 11:07pm 6/25/07 11:07pm