An Incredibly Tiny Sofa Bed For Your Skinniest Houseguests

If you need a place for guests to sleep but don't even have room in your tiny apartment for an air mattress, you'll love what designer Jesper Ståhl has cooked up for Swedish brand Ire Mobel. By day the Collar is a compact arm chair with a high back cushioned corner and a pop-out desk for getting work done in comfort.… » 5/02/13 2:11pm 5/02/13 2:11pm

Vladimir Putin Tests Russian GPS on His Own Dog

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has been pushing for a Russian satellite navigation system known unfortunately as GLONASS, and yesterday the system had its first launch: a tracking collar for the PM's dog, a black labrador named Koni. According to Putin, "She's wagging her tail, she likes it." GLONASS has had… » 10/18/08 9:15am 10/18/08 9:15am

MicroID Rescue Collar, USB for the Pooch

The MicroID Rescue Collar is just a glorified regular collar. It includes a small compartment with a USB flash drive. Plug it in and fill in all of the information, so if your pooch gets lost, the finder (given that they actually own a computer) will be able to return the pooch because of the included information. It… » 3/23/07 4:15pm 3/23/07 4:15pm