Who Needs a Weatherman? These Buildings Tell You the Forecast 

It has never been easier to get updates on the weather. If you have a smartphone, a few taps will pull up forecasts quicker than you can say "colder than a witch's tit" three times fast. Technology! But there's a much older, low-tech option for figuring out whether to bust out the umbrella, and it's still on display… »1/07/15 9:01am1/07/15 9:01am

These Modular Cabinets Are the Coolest Way To Display Precious Things

There's a case to be made—recently by designer Martino Gamper (and me)—that shelving is the most personal piece of furniture you own; a functional place to store your stuff that also puts it on display, like you're curating own little curio exhibition. The Room collection, by Kyuhyung Cho and Erik Olovsson, might be… »4/14/14 5:42pm4/14/14 5:42pm

The World's Largest Toy Car Collection Has Over 30,000 Tiny Vehicles

The fact that Hot Wheels and Matchbox toys are so cheap means that countless kids have giant collections of tiny cars. But the world's largest? With over 30,000 scale vehicles in his collection, Beirut's Billy Karam has a legitimate claim to that title, and Cool Hunting had a chance to tour his showroom. »1/29/14 3:51pm1/29/14 3:51pm

13 of the World's Oldest (and Most Beautiful) Typewriters

Some people collect baseball cards and others collect coins. Martin Howard, however, collects century-old typewriters. And boy is he good at it. The Toronto-based enthusiast has typewriters that looks like navigation instruments and typewriters that look like scales. But they all have one thing in common: They're… »9/23/13 9:00am9/23/13 9:00am

A Brief Tour of Canon's Massive Showroom of Wonders

Canon USA's brand-new Long Island headquarters doesn't just house boardrooms, cubicles, and water coolers. It's also where the venerable camera company maintains its giant showroom, in which every current Canon product—plus a plethora of other imaging technology tidbits—is on prominent display. We took a trip out… »8/26/13 3:01pm8/26/13 3:01pm

9 Unexpectedly Cool Leap Motion Apps Show Natural Interfaces in Action

It's been two weeks since Leap Motion appeared in the wild, and while it's far from being a perfect piece of hardware, the possibilities are pretty damn interesting. So far, most of the attention-getting apps have dealt with music. But there are plenty of other cool developments happening with the device, too. »8/05/13 9:03am8/05/13 9:03am

7 Clever GIFs That Could Make New York Slightly More Bearable

Like so many of us, Nathan W. Pyle is relatively new to New York. And like so many of us, he has a few ideas about how to make New York a little more bearable. What sets Pyle apart? His ideas are clever enough to warrant a book deal, while the rest of us are left to mutter passive aggressive comments under our breaths. »7/24/13 10:00am7/24/13 10:00am