Philips E-Skins Could Have Your Gadgets Changing Colors Like a Chameleon

This isn't the first time the concept of color-changing electronic skins has been tossed around, but Philips is a big name, and they have big plans that extend beyond your portable gadgets. » 12/10/09 12:09pm 12/10/09 12:09pm

RGBy Lamp is LED Color-Changing Toy for Color Scheme Fanatics

We showed you the impressive RGBy tabletop last year, but designers Makoto Hirahara and Shinya Matsuyama have gone and commercialized a new chameleon color-change lamp. The RBGy lamp is a simple battery-powered gizmo that changes color to match whatever object you've got it sitting on. You simply press to capture, and… » 7/18/08 7:43am 7/18/08 7:43am

Color-Changing Shower Head Protects Your Junk from Scalding

Temperature-detecting faucets have been available here for a while, but the same concept for shower heads has been mostly a Japanese-only affair. Imagine our surprise when we found these shower heads from China, which have four different shades to correspond to different temperatures: white for "I need to pay my… » 12/12/07 3:10pm 12/12/07 3:10pm

Video: RGBY LED Tabletop Changes Color Like a Chameleon

Other LED tabletops have come down the pike in recent months, but the RGBYs cool factor could match or possibly surpass the likes of even the motion-sensing Wave coffee table. What makes the RGBY so great is the fact that it can change colors to match the object resting on it—an effect achieved using small clusters of… » 12/06/07 5:20pm 12/06/07 5:20pm

Video Clip: Color-Changing LED Faucet in Action

Check out this action footage of that color-changing LED faucet we told you about earlier this week. It's available for just under 20 bucks, and changes color with the water temperature. » 3/16/07 12:15pm 3/16/07 12:15pm

Color Changing Faucet Actually Available for $19

We've shown you various color changing faucets over the years, but many of them were either too expensive or too early of a prototype to be buyable. This updated LED Faucet light, however, is both real and cheap. » 3/12/07 10:15pm 3/12/07 10:15pm

Mathmos Mini Lamp - Color Changing, Psychedelic Mushrooms

With their uncanny resemblance to those Power Up mushroom hidden in blocks throughout the Mario video games, these groovy mushroom lamps cycle through 9 colors and can bring your back to your college days and/or trigger those acid flashbacks you've been itching to embark on. All of these lamps are made from mouth… » 2/14/07 7:30am 2/14/07 7:30am

Color Changing Silicone iPod Nano Case

Eager to relive the Hypercolor T-Shirt days of your youth? Pick up the color changing iPod Nano cases and flash back to the days of Saved By The Bell, Jordan before a championship, and Reebok pump sneakers — all while keeping your Nano free of scratches. » 4/29/06 10:17am 4/29/06 10:17am

Hypercolor is Back!

Well not specifically Hypercolor branded awesomeness, but the same concept. ALSA Corporation has released their Eclipse wall paint that changes color depending on temperature. Also in the works is paint that can change color just by flipping a switch. The color changing paint will run $129 for a quart and $349 for a… » 9/27/05 9:55am 9/27/05 9:55am