The First Color E-Ink Ereader, From Hanvon, Will Cost $530 in China

It's a little pricier than we'd first heard, but Hanvon's color e-ink ereader (the first-ever color one) will go on sale in February in China for the equivalent of $530—and may launch in the US at a later date. [Digitimes] » 11/11/10 8:00am 11/11/10 8:00am

Hanvon's Ereader Uses a Color E-Ink Display, and Will Be the First to…

The same Chinese company that took hammers to an apple-shaped ice-sculpture is claiming they have the first color ereader using e-ink, due in China in March. Bet the battery life's far greater than the color Nook's, which uses an LCD. » 11/08/10 8:00am 11/08/10 8:00am

This Is What Cars Might Look Like On Your Next Kindle

Exactly what Amazon has in store for the next generation of Kindle is unclear. But if they stick with E-Ink, this clip of a color, video-playing E-Ink display from Kindle screen-manufacturer PVI could be sneak peek. » 3/27/10 6:35pm 3/27/10 6:35pm

Hands On: Fujitsu FLEPia Color eBook Reader Should Stay In Japan Until…

I just tried out the Fujitsu FLEPia, which has been shown in 2007, talked about in 2008 and finally released in Japan in 2009. It's slow and janky. » 1/06/10 10:43pm 1/06/10 10:43pm

Color E-Paper Gets a Huge Bump

Electrofluidic Display Technology is an invention by "University of Cincinnati, Sun Chemical, Polymer Vision and Gamma Dynamics" that hits the level of quality required for people to accept it in e-readers like the Kindle. Woo. » 4/29/09 6:40pm 4/29/09 6:40pm

Fujitsu FLEPia Color eBook Reader Has Finally Arrived, Yours For $1000

Remember the FLEPia – Fujitsu's eBook reader that would trounce all other readers by displaying color? After years of waiting, it's now out and available in Japan! » 3/18/09 3:00am 3/18/09 3:00am