Armchair UAV Pilots Striking Afghanistan in Las Vegas, Taco Bell Fueled Comfort

We all know about how the military is utilizing UAV's in an ever increasing amount of missions. And why not? Unmanned aircraft represent a safer and more cost efficient approach to aerial combat. However, we rarely get to see what it is like on the other side of these aircraft-to see the job through the eyes of a UAV… »7/09/08 6:40pm7/09/08 6:40pm

Army's Miniature Spy-Bat Concept Makes Lucius Fox Drool

Army dudes sat down with scientists at University of Michigan and other schools and asked for a simple frickin' bionic bat with frickin' stereo cameras, miniaturized radar, ultra-sensitive self-guidance, "energy scavenging" recharging capability and a radio to send data back to troops in urban combat zones. Was that… »3/18/08 10:10am3/18/08 10:10am

Google Calls Out Verizon for Trying to "Water Down" Wireless Spectrum Open-Access Rules

Google's beating the drum about the FCC's 700mhz auction rules again—or rather, Verizon's persistent efforts to undercut them. In the latest post on their public policy blog, Google calls out Verizon for trying to "water down" the rules in closed-door meetings, specifically two regarding open devices and open apps,… »10/04/07 6:10pm10/04/07 6:10pm