Chromecast just got more educational content and funny laughs, in the form of seven new apps including Comedy Central, Sesame Street Go, Nickelodeon, and more. Sidenote: this also offers more ways to escape your family over the holidays. » 11/26/14 9:55am 11/26/14 9:55am

Happy Wednesday, Key and Peele Is Back in Our Lives

Good news for fans of sketch comedy and laughing: Key and Peele comes back for its fourth season tonight, and the first episode is stellar. » 9/24/14 8:00pm 9/24/14 8:00pm

I Prefer Watching These Heavily Slurred Versions of American History

Drunk History is in many ways the best show on television at the moment. You get the LOLs of absurdist sketch comedy while arming yourself with enough History Channel-quality Fun Facts™ to make you sound smart the next day. At the same time, it feels like hosting a party in your living room—one that inevitably ends… » 8/04/14 8:00pm 8/04/14 8:00pm

Comedy Central's new iOS app will allow you to watch full episodes of their popular shows the day after they air. The most recent episode will be available to everyone, but you'll need to prove a TV subscription to go deeper into a series. » 4/01/14 10:29am 4/01/14 10:29am

Watch the First 90 Seconds of the Season Premiere of Futurama

Futurama's coming back on the 24th (two weeks!), but Comedy Central has the first 90 seconds of the first episode. Woooo! [Comedy Central] » 6/11/10 6:58pm 6/11/10 6:58pm

Would You Leave Time Warner Cable if They Lost Viacom Channels?

Today we learned that Viacom is threatening to pull their channels (Comedy Central, MTV) off TWC on January 1st if they do not agree to pay up. Would you leave TWC if this happened? » 12/31/08 4:15pm 12/31/08 4:15pm

Viacom Might Pull All Channels (Comedy Central, MTV) Off Time Warner…

Viacom wants Time Warner Cable to pay more for its channels, like MTV and Comedy Central. TWC doesn't want to pay. So on Jan. 1, they could all go away for TWC subscribers. » 12/31/08 2:15pm 12/31/08 2:15pm

Internet TV Remote: Quick Links to Free Streaming Shows

You already know about all of the different ways to watch TV online » 10/13/08 1:02pm 10/13/08 1:02pm. Now you just want links to your favorite shows (plus all those new ones) as quickly as possible so you can ditch your TiVo and TV once and for all. Our Internet TV remote has the best links to every prime-time show currently streaming online at…

4 Reasons the iPhone is Evil

Click to view » 9/09/08 11:20am 9/09/08 11:20am In this day of full-out Apple news, let's remember something very important: The iPhone is evil for both reasons that make sense and reasons that don't. Allow this Comedy Central quip montage to wash over you, cleansing out the fanboyism and anti-fanboyism alike, a baptism by b-list comedian. []

Apple Takes iTunes TV to Canada

Today, TV programming from Canada and the US—plus the NHL, eh—will be available north of the border on iTunes. You lucky ducks (looneys?) get such CBC and CTV smash hits as Corner Gas and Little Mosque on the Prairie along with US programming from the likes of Comedy Central, including the strangely inappropriate … » 12/12/07 8:44am 12/12/07 8:44am

Viacom Putting All of Daily Show Online

Whether it was the cause of or the reaction to their $1 billion lawsuit against Google, Viacom will be launching with the entire back catalog of Stewart clips available for viewing (we're assuming for free). It's a progressive move by Viacom, and hopefully the clips aren't so chock full of ads that we… » 9/08/07 12:05pm 9/08/07 12:05pm

Colbert Report, Daily Show Coming to Xbox Live

Beginning today, Comedy Central's hit shows The Colbert Report and The Daily Show will be coming to Xbox Live. Within 24 hours of the new episode airing, it will be available at the Xbox Live Marketplace for a still-unknown price. Xbox Live does try to keep their pricing competitive with the competition… » 4/17/07 6:15pm 4/17/07 6:15pm

Jameson Stars in Comedy Central Mobile Animated Series

Jenna Jameson will be lending her talents voice to the new animated series, Samurai Love God. This show will be produced by Comedy Central and only be available for mobile phone users using Sprint, Verizon or Amp'd carriers. The series will run for eight episodes, with each episode being 2.5 minutes long. Ed Helms,… » 2/24/06 7:55am 2/24/06 7:55am