Nokia 5800 XpressMusic: Hands-on With Nokia's First S60 Touch Phone

The 5800 XpressMusic (aka Tube) is the first touchscreen Symbian S60 phone from Nokia—a surprising fact considering how prominent touchscreens have quickly become over the last few years. And instead of rolling out the new touch-specific S60 Fifth Edition on a flagship N-series phone, Nokia has decided to position… »10/02/08 12:30pm10/02/08 12:30pm

Nokia Tube Launch Is Pretty Much Happening on October 2nd

Reuters is claiming that the long, long-awaited Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Touchscreen "Tube" will be launched in London on October 2nd, according to their sources. This confirms the rumor that we floated Wednesday, when the first actual picture »9/26/08 5:40am9/26/08 5:40am of the device surfaced. (It's mostly screen. Surprise!). As with most of the…

First Official Pics of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Touchscreen 'Tube' Leak

Nokia's a little late to the touchscreen game—and they've been parading the "Tube" around for a while ("we promise, it's coming!"). Now details are starting to build for a rumored October 2 announcement of the Tube (known more stodgily as the 5800 XpressMusic), fanned by the leaked pic above spotted by Mobile.cz. The… »9/24/08 9:30am9/24/08 9:30am

Nokia Comes With Music to Hit UK Cellphones First, Next Month

We alerted you to Nokia's plans for an unlimited, free (at first) music service way back in December »9/02/08 4:22am9/02/08 4:22am: Now it looks like the first place to benefit from free tunes is the UK, starting next month. The Nokia 5310 will be the first handset to Come with Music, but there's no word on when Nokia will be bringing it to the…

Nokia/Universal's Total Music Plan Soured By PlaysForSure DRM

Ars Technica is reporting further details on Nokia/Universal's supposedly "free" all-you-can-eat one year music subscription service, and if you thought this plan seemed too sweet to be dreamed up by a bunch of music biz suits, you thought right. Not only are the Nokia tracks DRM'ed to prevent you from using other… »12/05/07 12:37am12/05/07 12:37am