Holy Cow, Another Crazy Meteor Caught on Russian Dashcam

Last night, yet another eye-searing blue meteor screamed across the dark Russian sky. Lucky for us, Russia is the land of dashcams, meaning that yet again, we get a driver's seat view of the phenomenon. How do you say "wow" in Russian? » 4/19/14 9:59am Saturday 9:59am

The Universe's Most Important Alarm Clock Will Wake Up Rosetta Tomorrow

Two and a half years is a long time to sleep—even for a machine. That's how long Rosetta has slumbered in its decade-long journey towards the comet where it will land. But in the dead of the night, at 2am PST tomorrow morning, Rosetta will awaken. Here's how its alarm clock works. » 1/19/14 12:00pm 1/19/14 12:00pm

Comets look like swimming sperms in time-lapse videos

The H-1 camera on board NASA's STEREO-A spacecraft has captured this sequence of the two comets now en route to the Sun: Encke and ISON. They look like sperms trying to fertilize an egg named Earth—which is quite appropriate, given the hypothesis that comets brought life to this planet. » 11/24/13 3:08pm 11/24/13 3:08pm

Why Is NASA Burning Out Its Comet Hunting Spaceship?

This is Stardust, NASA's comet hunter about 312,000,000 kilometers from Earth. Yesterday, they ordered her main engines to burn at full throttle until they consumed all the available fuel, and then turned off her radio. But why? » 3/25/11 11:00am 3/25/11 11:00am