How Technological Advances Have Affected Sleep Deprivation

Out of the dark came fire, and it fascinated cave men through to the the small hours as they watched it flicker and burn, until they were tired to their bones. Then, there was the smartphone, and everyone stared a the glowing glass slabs until there was absolutely no hope of sleep whatsoever. [Doghouse Diaries]
» 4/10/15 5:15am 4/10/15 5:15am

Why astronauts eat tortillas explained in one comic

First We Feast reader Juan Cisneros made this great comic explaining why astronauts eat tortillas instead of bread in space. Mexican astronaut and scientist Rodolfo Neri Vela was the first requesting them for a mission back in 1985. From that moment it became a staple of the astronauts' diet. » 1/19/15 8:37pm 1/19/15 8:37pm