Everyone, Please Stop Freaking Out About That Ridiculous Captain America Reveal

It’s All-New, All-Different Marvel! It’s the All-New, All-Different adventures of Steve Rogers, back in action today as Captain America! And Steve has an All-New, All-Different gimmick to his history that will change the Marvel Universe forever... if by forever you mean a few months or so, although you wouldn’t know…

DC's Chinese Superman Will Be Joined By a Chinese Batman and Wonder Woman, Too

Strange things are happening to Superman in DC’s comics. The current Superman is dying, and not only will he be replaced by the Superman of DC’s old continuity, but his powers will be diffused into many other people: including a Chinese man named Kenan Kong. But Kenan’s not going to be alone in his fight for justice.

Why the Captain America: Civil War Movie Worked When the Comics Didn't

Captain America: Civil War isn’t a perfect movie, but it is vastly superior to the comics that inspired it. We’ve discussed the many problems with Marvel’s Civil War miniseries in the past, but they’re issues that Cap’s latest cinematic outing deftly avoided while still remaining recognizably Civil War—and here’s how.

Science Confirms: Tiny Ant-Sized People Would Have a Shitty Time Being Fired From a Bow

There’s a lot of superheroic spectacle in Captain America: Civil War, but one of our favorite moments has to be Scott Lang flying into battle on one of Clint Barton’s arrows. Unfortunately, according to those ever-delightful party poopers known as “scientists,” Scott would have a really unpleasant time while he’s…

Ben Affleck’s Solo Batman Movie Has a Huge Opportunity and One Big Problem

So it’s official, after a few months of being semi-official: Warner Bros. is making a solo Batman movie starring Ben Affleck. And it’s implied, but not definite, that the Argo director will direct. This is great news—Affleck is a gifted director, and Batman v. Superman paradoxically left us hungrier for a movie about…