Do You Listen to DVD Commentaries?

A big selling point of DVDs and Blu-rays are exclusive commentaries from the directors and actors. They explain the reasoning behind certain scenes, or how some crazy special effects happened. Movie buffs understandably eat this chatter up. Looper director Rian Johnson even made one that you can listen to in the… » 10/10/12 4:00pm 10/10/12 4:00pm

Arnold Schwarzenegger Gives Good Commentary (and Continues to Make DVDs…

There are two theories at work here. A) Arnold doesn't quite understand what the purpose of a commentary track is, or B) He is actually narrating Total Recall for blind people. Either way, it's friggin' hilarious. (very slightly NSFW) » 11/20/11 5:59pm 11/20/11 5:59pm

I Will Watch the Hell Out of Ricky Gervais' Live-Streaming Commentary…

The Golden Globes are arguably the most self-fellating award show in the galaxy. Ricky Gervais and friends (possibly including Louis CK, Chris Rock, Jon Stewart, and Larry David) might just live-stream a commentary track. Oh hell yes. » 9/08/11 9:31am 9/08/11 9:31am

Talking With Your Earbuds in: Rude or Not Rude?

Slate's Farhad Manjoo and Emily Yoffe had a discussion today about whether or not it's rude to talk with your earbuds in. But is rudeness the issue with this particular practice, or is it another factor entirely? » 8/11/11 5:20pm 8/11/11 5:20pm

How Twitter Made This the Most Fun Super Bowl Yet

I mean, the game was pretty good too. But the commercials could've been better and the halftime show almost destroyed my faith in humanity. But did you know why I had the most fun this Super Bowl? Twitter. » 2/07/11 1:40pm 2/07/11 1:40pm

The iPhone's New Architecture

The Russian art collective Electroboutique erected this curving iPhone tower to provoke dialogue on the relationship between art and industrial design. I totally got that, right after I thought how much it looked like a giant iPhone slap bracelet. » 5/19/10 8:40pm 5/19/10 8:40pm

Cnet Columnist Says Asus Screwed Eee Brand Because It's From Taiwan

Jonathan Gardner of Cnet Asia had an interesting take on Asus' over-stretching of the Eee brand, blaming it on the company's inability to change their local, “Confucian” corporate culture. Gardner, a columnist who apparently knows » 10/16/08 3:30am 10/16/08 3:30am people, declared that “Asus will not be the next Samsung,” mainly because they're…

Ziff Davis' DigitalLife Gadget Show Cancelled For 2008

Tech reporters are often caught in tradeshow gridlock: Just as one is ending, another is beginning. This year, the load is lightened a bit by one of them, the Ziff Davis publishing group's own DigitalLife, getting cut at the last minute. We asked why, but in the meantime, we can only guess the reasons: Primarily, we… » 8/21/08 2:59pm 8/21/08 2:59pm