Yelp Now Lets You Message Your Grievances Directly to Businesses

In a move that will probably backfire instantly thanks to the always lovely denizens of the internet, Yelp is now allowing you to send messages directly to business owners. All of your questions, comments, and trolls can now directly filter into the inbox of the restaurant or plumber or day care you would like to… »6/18/14 12:20pm6/18/14 12:20pm

YouTube Comments Will Soon Be Less Racist, Homophobic, and Confusing

Ever read the comments on a popular YouTube video? There is no faster way to strip yourself of faith in humanity. It's a cesspool. And this is coming from someone who writes for the Gawker network. We know a little something about rowdy comments sections. YouTube's is worse, but it's finally about to smarten up. »9/24/13 3:01pm9/24/13 3:01pm

Force a Little Christmas Cheer on YouTube Trolls with This Festive Censorship Browser App

YouTube comments can be an unmoderated wilderness full of ill-will and lame obscenities the likes of which, well, the likes of which you've seen in YouTube comments. Maybe you're used to it, maybe you don't dare drift that far down the page for fear of losing yourself in the inanity. YuleTube can help change that by »12/22/12 5:00pm12/22/12 5:00pm

Let's See How Well YouTube's Real-Name Comment Policy Is Working

YouTube is notorious for its godawful, subhuman commenters. Google's solution? Implementing a new regime in which people are prompted to switch their accounts to their real name. Fortunately, the majority comments continue to be just as horrendous and offensive as ever. Business as usual! »7/24/12 11:20am7/24/12 11:20am

Here's the platonic ideal…

Rotten Tomatoes Had to Protect Dark Knight Rises Critics from Bloodthirsty Fans

People really like Christopher Nolan movies. They like them so much that everyone knows they like them before they even see the movies. So much, in fact, that they'll cuss out and threaten any critics who disagree so badly that Rotten Tomatoes has to disable commenting for the movie—a first for the site. »7/18/12 11:40am7/18/12 11:40am