Freightliner SuperTruck More Than Doubles The Average Big Rig's MPG

After five years and $115 million of development, the Freightliner SuperTruck is Daimler's answer to a lofty challenge set by the Department Of Energy: "improve semi-truck fuel economy by at least 50 percent." This concept blows that benchmark out of the water. » 3/27/15 6:08pm Friday 6:08pm

Wow, this video has totally screwed up my brain

This is not an optical illusion, but it takes advantage of exactly the same principles that make optical illusions work: Our eyes and brain don't scan reality like a camera does. Instead, the brain interprets external inputs, building its own reality. No spoilers, just watch. » 3/03/15 8:37am 3/03/15 8:37am

Neat comercial shows how life would be if we had two mouths

This cool comercial for Madrid Fusión—an international gastronomic summit held annually in Madrid, Spain—shows the complicated life of a man who bears the burden of having two mouths. » 1/15/15 5:26am 1/15/15 5:26am

Ad: Ron Jeremy wants to be a serious filmmaker

This commercial for the Toronto Jewish Film Festival shows legendary porn star Ron Jeremy trying to understand why his movies have never been accepted to the festival. I feel the same way as you, Ron, Woodfellas and The Rod Father are brilliant. » 1/14/15 8:16am 1/14/15 8:16am

Neat IKEA ad shows the winter migration of the summer t-shirt

This neat Ikea commercial feels like a National Geographic documentary about bird migrations. But instead of birds, it is your beloved t-shirts. They did it to illustrate how, when the cold time comes, it's time to use Ikea's storage to put your summer clothes away. » 1/08/15 9:01am 1/08/15 9:01am

Hilarious ad shows what happens when a stuntman screws up all the time

Probably inspired by the thousands of YouTube videos featuring daredevils failing in their stunts, the ad agency 303lowe created this hilarious ad for Australian insurance company Budget Direct—the story of Captain Risky and his clumsy stunts. It is brilliant. » 1/06/15 7:32am 1/06/15 7:32am

This commercial about a kid and his penguin melted my heard

I hate holiday gift ads in general, buy especially when we are so far away from those dates. And yet, I can't get myself to hate this ad about a kid and his penguin. Yes. A kid and his penguin, who looks like the real thing even if it's 3D rendering. » 11/06/14 4:17pm 11/06/14 4:17pm

A water commercial for Halloween that would have made Russ Meyer proud

Lithuanian mineral water Vytautas has a long-lasting love story with unorthodox director Tadas Vidmantas, the creator of some of the brand's most viral and bizarre commercials. So when they decided to make a Halloween themed ad, they knew Tadas was the right guy for the job. » 10/30/14 7:03am 10/30/14 7:03am

How much the living room has changed over the years

Here's a clever ad from Philips for their smart Hue light bulbs. It shows how much the living room has changed since the invention of the light bulb: TVs get flattened, furniture evolves, people's clothes follow trends, etc. but the light bulb stays the same. Well, we know that's not exactly true but it's a cute ad… » 10/16/14 8:24pm 10/16/14 8:24pm

Naturally, the funniest lightbulb ad ever stars Jeff fucking Goldblum

Kudos to General Electric for hiring actor Jeff Goldblum and directors Tim and Eric to make this hilarious commercial to promote their new LED lightbulbs. I'm a fan of Philips' LEDs but, after this, I will be checking GE again. Because I'm that easy to convince and it's Jeff fucking Goldblum, ok? » 9/30/14 7:00pm 9/30/14 7:00pm

This is why car chases are bound to become obsolete

How they made the classic Old Spice "I'm on a horse" commercial

I thought that the classic Old Spice "I'm on a horse" commercial was entirely made with green screens and video compositing. I was so wrong. This video shows that, for the most part, it was made with clever use of movable backdrops and camera work on a beach, in one single take. » 6/08/14 2:07pm 6/08/14 2:07pm

The BMW i8 commercials are as beautiful as the car itself

These BMW i8 ads could be just another car commercial shot in an abandoned road in the middle of the desert, but when you hire an auteur film director like Gus Van Sant—Good Will Hunting, Elephant—those cliches transform into art. » 5/15/14 4:23am 5/15/14 4:23am

Watch Every Apple Commercial Ever

Apple commercials are so popular that they're like a TV series all by themselves. A YouTube user collected all the Apple commercials—iPad, iPhone, iMac, iPod, etc.—in a giant playlist for you to watch every single one. You can see the themes develop for each product and laugh at the horrible mistakes Apple made… » 11/27/12 10:00pm 11/27/12 10:00pm

Here's GoDaddy's Super Bowl Commercial

It's about .co domain names! It has girls in it! Danica Patrick! Jillian Michaels! Bodypaint! And... it predictably teases you into going to GoDaddy's website to "see more". Oh yeah, and it predictably sucks. [@darrenrovell] » 1/22/12 12:00pm 1/22/12 12:00pm

Dancing Dolls and Pink N8s Won't Save You, Nokia

We're hardly the target audience for a pink phone and Lady Gaga-esque visuals, but Nokia's latest commercial does make me laugh. Or weep, when I remember that Nokia's share prices are at a 13year-low. [Reuters and Curious Brain via Adverblog] » 6/02/11 4:45am 6/02/11 4:45am

How Those Awesome Time Traveling NBA Commercials Are Made

If you've watched any basketball games this past season, you might have noticed some really great commercials that showed current NBA stars in their earlier life (in high school, college, etc) interacting with people from "the future" (or 2011). It's amazing when you see 2005 version of Kevin Durant "react" to the… » 3/26/11 7:00pm 3/26/11 7:00pm

Comedian Gets Fired As the Voice of the Aflac Duck Because of…

Gilbert Gottfried, a pretty foulmouthed comedian and tasteless twitterer, was the voice of the Aflac Duck. You know, the duck that obnoxiously screeches AFFFLAAAACCKKK to sell insurance. Not anymore though, Aflac has fired Gottfried for posting dumb and insensitive tweets regarding Japan. He reportedly tweeted: » 3/15/11 12:40pm 3/15/11 12:40pm

Groupon Responds to Super Bowl Commercial Controversy

Yesterday, Groupon dipped into its $950 million piggy bank, and spent a bit of that dough on a couple Super Bowl ads. The group-discount service touted the spots as a way to give in to its "Napolean complex" and "invade the rest of the world" with a proper primetime commercial. » 2/07/11 8:20pm 2/07/11 8:20pm

Verizon Bitch Slaps AT&T in "Yes, I Can Hear You Now!" iPhone Commercial

While it's definitely not the first time that Verizon has taken a public jab at AT&T, this new iPhone 4 commercial is certainly rather harsh. Youch! [TechCrunch] » 2/03/11 9:40pm 2/03/11 9:40pm