A Commodore 64 Smartphone Is What My Retrocomputing Soul Craves

The dreams of awesome retro smartphones, Google's cleaning up the porn, and one big Sony tablet leak. Welcome to Bitstream, all the news tidbits and rumors you missed in the last 24 hours. » 2/25/15 9:00am 2/25/15 9:00am

The Internet Archive Opens Its Historical Software Collection To All

Gamers of a certain age will no doubt scream Oh wow, I remember that! as they click through the Internet Archive's latest project. » 10/28/13 12:23pm 10/28/13 12:23pm

A Near Perfect Lego Recreation of the Commodore 64

Hot on the heels of his impressive Lego Leica M9-P and gorgeous bricked Macintosh, Chris McVeigh—aka Flickr's powerpig—is back with a stunning Lego rendition of the Commodore 64. » 3/26/13 4:20pm 3/26/13 4:20pm

The Anti-Steve Jobs Dies: So Long, Jack Tramiel

Jack Tramiel, the antithesis of Steve Jobs, has died. Tramiel was the founder of Commodore. Unlike Jobs, Tramiel believed that computers should be utilitarian and cheap, disregarding elegant design or attention to detail—like the legendary Commodore 64. » 4/10/12 2:33pm 4/10/12 2:33pm

The NEW Commodore 64 Can Finally Be Yours

Remember when Commodore tried to relaunch their brand with a sterile-looking keyboard PC? Remember when they decided against that, opting to cram modern guts into a retro Commodore 64 shell? Well the latter will be available later this month, featuring the NVIDIA Ion 2 chipset. » 4/06/11 7:20pm 4/06/11 7:20pm

Tricking an Internet Conman Into Sculpting You a Wooden Commodore 64

Internet spamsters are often nigh-artistic with the fraudulent tales they weave—an exiled prince! Hidden treasure!—but scamming them can be even more creative. The Atlantic's Alexis Madrigal tells one revenge story of a conman duped into carving wooden sculptures. » 9/29/10 6:00pm 9/29/10 6:00pm

The Annual Return From the Dead of the Commodore Brand

The Commodore name still just about lives on, even though the original owners have long since left the factory. The latest product to carry the once-great computing name is the PC64—an all-in-one Atom PC in a C64 case. » 8/27/10 5:00am 8/27/10 5:00am

The Return of the Commodore 64

Brace yourself, lovers of all things retro, because the Commodore 64 will rise from the dead in all its keyboard form factor glory. It will probably be based on the Cybernet ZPC-GX31, although I hope it looks like this: » 3/18/10 1:00am 3/18/10 1:00am

Official Commodore 64 Emulator Returns to the App Store

After being smacked down not once, but twice by the ridiculous App Store approval process, Manomio's fully-licensed Commodore 64 emulator is back in the App Store. » 11/16/09 1:12pm 11/16/09 1:12pm

Eat Your Old Gadgets to Gain Their Powers and Pounds

I used Commodore 64s at school. We did BASIC programming, played Star Wars... It was such a fun machine that I wanted to eat it. Instead, I licked it. Now I can digest it and get its command line powers. » 10/29/09 8:20pm 10/29/09 8:20pm

Commodore 64 iPhone App Approved! Removed

Update: After finally hitting the app store, the fully-licensed C64 emulator has been yanked after a user workaround made Apple realize that Manomio didn't completely ditch the old-skool BASIC 2.0 interpreter it objected to. » 9/08/09 6:34am 9/08/09 6:34am

Ben Heck's New Commodore 64 Laptop Going Up For Auction For Charity

Ben Heck, console modder extraordinaire, has just finished up his newest Commodore 64 laptop, and he's auctioning it off for charity. » 7/01/09 1:20pm 7/01/09 1:20pm

Fully Licensed Commodore 64 Emulator Rejected By Apple App Store

Quick update on the Apple App Store approval process: Shaken babies are OK, but inevitable moneymakers like a licensed, legal Commodore 64 emulator are rejected. » 6/21/09 3:00pm 6/21/09 3:00pm

Good God, Even the Commodore 64 Has a Twitter Client

After seeing this latest Twitter app offering, I think Commodore 64 availability should be the benchmark to judge whether or not your web 2.0 app has officially "made it." Yes, there's really a twitter app for the C64. » 6/18/09 9:40pm 6/18/09 9:40pm

The Anti-DSi: Commodore 64 Laptop

We were a little more technically impressed with Ben Heck squeezed an Xbox 360 into a laptop case, but his new Commodore 64 laptop scores at least a few points for nostalgia. » 4/06/09 10:20am 4/06/09 10:20am

Barbie, Star of Barbie Commodore 64 Game, Turns 50 Today

The blonde bombshell known for her appearance in "Barbie," the self-titled 1985 C64 game, turned 50 today. Some allege that Barbie is popular for reasons other than C64 compatibility, but we're not so sure. [Allure] » 3/09/09 10:00pm 3/09/09 10:00pm

Commodore 64 LAN Party features First C64 Online Multiplayer Game

A Commodore 64 Expo was held recently, where attendees dusted off their Commodore 64s, networked them together and had an old-fashioned LAN party to play NetRacer - a new C64 racing game that supports eight people over internet or LAN for the first time. Organized by the Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club in Fort… » 7/07/08 4:20pm 7/07/08 4:20pm

Commodore 64 Midibox Mod Trades In Games for Beeps, Boops

What you see here was once a Commodore 64, but no longer. Now it's a MIDIboxSID, which translates roughly into, this thing looks killer in the dark and can lay down a serious series of beeps and pew pew's. Best thing is that, thanks to the C64's mod-friendly SID chips, this is a synthesizer that uses SID 6582 sound… » 6/08/08 3:30pm 6/08/08 3:30pm

Commodore Launching Gaming PCs - Because The Commodore Name Equals Fast

After brokering a deal last June, Commodore, the previously strong maker of the Commodore64 PC, is going to launch a line of gaming PCs at CeBIT. Seeing as the Commodore brand has been entrenched in the minds of PC users the punchline to a joke about how old their machine is, it's going to be all uphill for Commodore… » 3/06/07 5:25pm 3/06/07 5:25pm