Someone Finally Resurrected the Commodore Brand for Something Useful

Various entrepreneurs have tried to bring back the legendary Commodore computer brand for years, all of them inevitably ending up bankrupt. Now a couple of Italian designers think they’ve got the silver bullet solution to tapping into 80s nostalgia: a smartphone. It’s too bad they decided to make it look so boring. »7/14/15 3:35pm7/14/15 3:35pm


Commodore 64 LAN Party features First C64 Online Multiplayer Game

A Commodore 64 Expo was held recently, where attendees dusted off their Commodore 64s, networked them together and had an old-fashioned LAN party to play NetRacer - a new C64 racing game that supports eight people over internet or LAN for the first time. Organized by the Cincinnati Commodore Computer Club in Fort… »7/07/08 4:20pm7/07/08 4:20pm

Commodore Launching Gaming PCs - Because The Commodore Name Equals Fast

After brokering a deal last June, Commodore, the previously strong maker of the Commodore64 PC, is going to launch a line of gaming PCs at CeBIT. Seeing as the Commodore brand has been entrenched in the minds of PC users the punchline to a joke about how old their machine is, it's going to be all uphill for Commodore… »3/06/07 5:25pm3/06/07 5:25pm