This Brooklyn Co-Living Space Is Smarter Than NYC's Own Plan to Fix Its Housing Crisis

What can you get for $1800 in rent? In Brooklyn, you can get a fully furnished apartment, a bedroom that’s all yours, plus access to two bathrooms, a living room, and a well-appointed, brand-new kitchen. Oh yeah, and here’s the twist: You’ll share it with four other people—who you don’t get to choose. »10/20/15 8:10pm10/20/15 8:10pm


Microsoft Jumps Into the "Softwear" Business with Ridiculous Branded T-Shirts

Microsoft has, against all odds and probably their own better judgment, decided to create a branded clothing line as part of their new ad campaign. The t-shirts have sort of an Urban Outfitters feel, only without the requisite irritating irony, and feature a few designs contributed by dapper rapper Common. »12/06/08 12:45pm12/06/08 12:45pm